Apple is about to lose an iPhone 4 customer

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Rants, Technology

I’ve been growing more disgruntled with my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1.  In fact, it’s specifically with the e-mail features where things are lacking.

My main gripe is about how the system doesn’t allow or have functionality to use multiple signatures.  So when I reply from my personal account, it will auto-insert signature 1, and when I reply to a work e-mail it will use signature 2, or when I have an e-mail open I can switch the signature.

The closest thing I can do is have a few different items in the “notes” app – one for each signature – then copy and paste each time. Talk about the worst work-around ever!

There isn’t even a jailbroken cydia app that I’ve found any reviews online about that can enable this function. Now that Apple has removed their Jailbreak check, I would be tempted to ‘break it if only there was an app that provided what I’m looking for.

Blackberries can do it. Android phones can do it.

I’ve submitted the request a number of times to Apple, and it has yet to make it’s way in to the software releases.

I love the apps and the interface. Yes, I know the iPhone is more about the entertainment than the enterprise. But Apple is attempting to break into the corporate market – adding Exchange capabilities is what really got them in.

There is no way that I’m the only one looking for this feature.

Are you looking for this function? Is there any other function that you’d like?

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